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Message from Desk of Chairman
Shri Ranjeet Deshmukh
(Chairman VSPMAHE, Nagpur)

Welcome to VSPM's Dental College & Research Centre, a professional excellence center for dental care and service to mankind.

As a Forerunner in the field of Medical and Dental Education since 1991, VSPM organization is dedicated to education, knowledge and service. This Annual Report is an apt testament to revisit the year 2016 at VSPMDCRC, in an attempt for enhancement of the institute through the years. I am glad to learn that it comprehends all aspects of professional excellence in patient care, academics and research.

I am proud that the staff and the students have worked impressively to be a leader in the field of Dental Education and research.

I wish you success in all your future endeavors.

I compliment the Editor and the members of the Editorial Board for bringing out this concise document.

Dr. Shri Bhausaheb Bhoge
Founder VSPM AHE Nagpur)

VSPMAHE is devoted to provide an affirmative and resourceful learning atmosphere for healthcare specialists. The college is dedicated to promote fineness in dental education, research and oral health care accompanied by community service.

It was established with an objective of fortification the weakest section of the Nation, i.e. Rural population. VSPMDCRC was started with the undergraduate course in the year 1996 to serve this particular category. All efforts over the years have been a step in this direction towards achieving the goal and I am delighted to see the progress of the institute at such a fast pace and in the desired direction.

I congratulate the Editorial team for preparing the annual report of VSPMDCRC for the year 2016 which indicates the present status of this institute.

Dr Amol Deshmukh
Hon. Secretary

VSPM Dental College and Research Centre envisions being an institute of quality dental education and health care of international repute. I extend my hearty congratulations to all the dedicated staff members who have taken this vision of VSPM forward by taking initiatives in various aspects as well as developing Centres’ of excellence.

A strong foundation for any leading institute is laid down by virtue of pillars of excellence encompassing clinical expertise, topnotch academic training and innovations in oral healthcare through research, blended with technological advances. In addition, faculty development with impeccable professional ethics, enriched with a sense of social responsibility, ultimately providing dental and public health practices of the highest standard. Complementing this is the unwavering commitment to education and knowledge.These assets remarkably stand out as an exemplar for imminent healthcare professionals and, in a true sense, will transform the college into a premier institute.

Truly, we have strived to be recognized as a prominent Centre of excellence, training our students to be adeptly competent and compassionate global citizens. This year’s annual report revisits the accomplishments of the college and emphasizes the collective efforts towards achieving excellence. I congratulate everyone who has been instrumental in this effort.

Last but not the least; I thank all the members of the editorial team for their efforts to compile all the facts to prepare this document.

Indeed, true service lies in imparting teaching, instilling moral integrity and inspiring young intellectuals towards research for a better future.

Dr. Shri Ashish Deshmukh
Treasurer VSPM AHE
As part of management of this prestigious institute, I am proud to contribute in building tomorrow’s Doctors, Teachers, Leaders, Researchers and Scholars. It is an honor for me to serve as Treasurer of VSPM and to get the opportunity to work for future development of this institute.
There is great enthusiasm amongst our students, faculty and staff as is demonstrated by their involvement in research, teaching and service- both Nationally and Internationally. Other efforts are a part of larger story.

We possess a clear vision and mission, having recruited an outstanding core of faculty and staff, and have constructed new educational facilities and clinics which are equipped with state-of-the art technology. Our education is focused on contemporary dental practice delivered by compassionate, well-prepared professionals, who communicate effectively with patients and the entire health-care team. Our community-oriented curriculum promotes learning, utilizing best educational practices and sound scholastic approach.

I am very happy when I look back to the developing years of this college today when the college has attained new heights and still striving to achieve excellence in various fields. I appreciate the guidance of Dean- Dr. Radke, under whom the achievements of various fields and research was possible. I also recognize the efforts of teachers and students and so also efforts of non-teaching staff behind the curtains.
I congratulate the entire Editorial team for their efforts in publishing this important document.

I am proud to be associated with this institute since so long. VSPM DCRC has come a long way since it started way back in 1996. We are pleased to assert the fact that as visualized at its inception, VSPMDCRC has evolved with a difference. It imparts quality dental education in the field of dentistry- leading to successful students and helping the community at large.

The college through its research activities and teacher training program constantly analyzes its methods to give the best education standards to students. All these stepping stones to success were not possible without the vision of the management, the higher authority of the college ie. Dean – Dr. Radke and the highly qualified staff who strive hard to make this dream a reality.

I appreciate the efforts taken by the entire Editorial team towards publishing this annual report and I congratulate them for their endeavor.

Dr. Usha Radke

VSPMDCRC was started with a commitment to accomplish the premier benchmark for quality dental learning and oral healthcare to inculcate compassion, immaculate proficient ethics, scientific temper and aptitude. This mission of VSPMDCRC is dynamically reinforced by the management and dedicated faculty of the institution.

As I look back in year 2016, it gives me immense pleasure to see this accomplishment in form of various activities of the year through this annual report compilation. I am very pleased to say that this year has been an extremely productive phase for our institute. VSPMDCRC has gone from strength to strength, witnessing the inauguration of Centres of excellence in 5 departments, accolades for student toppers in MUHS PG examination and distinction holders amongst UG students, an increase in passing percentage, all coalesced with the persistent team effort of our staff and students.

This annual report précises these triumphsand emphasizes their vital role in the development of the institute and the community as a whole. Certainly, the college has come a long way since its inception and we continue to build the college on a solid foundation. I would like to acknowledge and express gratitude towards honorable chairman VSPMAHE Shri Ranjeetbabu Deshmukh, Founder VSPMAHE Shri Bhausaheb Bhoge, Secretary Dr.Amol Deshmukh, Treasurer Dr.Ashish Deshmukh, and Project Director Shri Dilip Bhagde for their whole hearted support in all our endeavors. This collective mindset of continuous improvement pays us huge dividends in terms of college evolution and student success.

I congratulate the entire editorial team for publishing this Annual Report of VSPM DCRC.

Dr S R Shenoi

“The true sign of intelligence is not Knowledge but Imagination”- Albert Einstein.

VSPM’s Dental college and Research Centre is an institute that embodies the confluence of both knowledge and imagination. The staff and the students have made it a habit to excel in whatever they dream. They put in lot of efforts to make their dreams turn into reality. The year marked a milestone in the history of the college where Centre of Excellence were inaugurated in 6 subjects- Prosthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Conservative and Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics and Oral Medicine and Radiology. These Centres of Excellence were envisioned by the dynamic Secretary Dr. Amol Deshmukh, who felt that the college should have something over the statutory requirements. These Centre of Excellence were set up to serve the society as well as train the future PGs and those who needed to hone up their skills. The Centre of Excellence were guided by patrons in their respective fields such as Dr. J.N.Khannain Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. Jacob in Maxillofacial Prosthetics, Dr. VivekHegdeinMicrodentistry, Dr. Sherry Peter in Orthodontics and Dr. Kumaraswamy in Periodontics. The management’s policy of encouraging academic and all round excellence paid rich dividends. Many staff members presented papers at international conference held in India and abroad. There were many articles which saw the light of the day by getting published in leading indexed journals both by staff and students. In the MUHS final examinations 2 students topped the university in their specialty, Dr. Chinmay Rao in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dr. Nilofer Pajnigara in Oral Medicine and Radiology while Dr. Natasha Pajnigara stood second in Periodontology.

The college and the staff members were actively involved in creating wonderful memories in the silver jubilee of the campus which saw innumerable events hosted both inmedical and dental colleges. The campus was transformed into a vibrant happening campus that had impressed the visitors. The organizing team of the Annual conference of Indian Society of Periodontology 2016, which had many events in the college,was also very well cherished. It has been 365 days of events, occasions and memories and it was a privilege to sign off 2016 with a sense ofcontention and pride.

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