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The research review board functions to systematize, promote and disseminate research related activities in the college.
The following are the committee members, Name Designation
1. Dr.AbhayKolte Chairperson
2. Dr.MuktaMotwani Co-Chairperson
3. Dr.Saee Deshpande Member
4. Dr.Kavita Hotwani Member Secretary

Meeting is carried out in the first week of every month to discuss research projects and publications by the faculty members, PG and UG students.

The committee reviews grant applications and communicates to students and faculty members the availability of research opportunities.

The revised research policy was submitted in 2016 which included various grants as follows,

  1. Faculty
    a. Conference Grant
    b. Overseas travel Grant
    c. Publication incentives
    d. Annual study allowance

  2. PG students
    a. PG students’ research allowance
    b. PG thesis research allowance

  3. UG students
    a. UG students’ research allowance

  4. Collaborative project grant

  5. RD innovation fund for clinical/academic research and development
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