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Brief Profile

“To carry a positive action, we must develop a positive vision”

Department of Prosthodontics aims at imparting our students with the ability to provide excellent treatments effectively and efficiently, backed by thorough knowledge and skills along with maintain high ethical standards, empathy and care while handling any patient needing Prosthodontic care. All our educational programmes envision to develop and nurture our budding students to grow into highly talented professionals. Our post-graduate program trains our students to treat all the possible Prosthodontic defects individually or as part of multidisciplinary approach. We provide them with a plethora of innovative concepts based on evidenced based dentistry and a clear understanding of Prosthodontics from basic to beyond.

We have accomplished our aim of building a centre of excellence in maxillofacial rehabilitation that rehabilitates patients with defects due to cancer surgery, trauma and developmental anomalies.
Latest development since last year Jan 2016 to Dec 2016.
  • MUHS-LTRG Grant received worth 1 lakh INRfor 2016-17 for project titled ‘Quality of life of head & neck cancer patients before and after prosthetic rehabilitation’.
  • ITI SG grant received worth 10Lakhs for 2016-18 for project titled ‘ Performance of implant retained mandibular overdentures: Effect of attachment type on patient satisfaction’
  • Inaguration of ‘PRYAAS’ Centre For Maxillofacial Rehabilitation on 5th February, 2016
  • Approval of Implant section
  • Appoval of new ceramic machine ‘Pressable’

Treatment Offered

A wide range of treatments are provided in the department including complete dentures, removable partial dentures and fixed partial dentures at subsidized rate.

Special treatment procedures include-

• Maxillofacial Prosthesis-
Obturators , Orbital Prosthesis, Finger Prosthesis, Ear Prosthesis, Feeding Plates, Splints.

• Special Complete Dentures-
Overdentures, Flabby Ridges, Neutral Zone, Single Complete Dentures, Denture with
Metal Base, Hollow Denture, Cheek Plumper, Characterization

• Special Removable Partial Dentures-
Cast Partial Denture, Bite Raising Appliance, Night Guard, Sinus Closure Appliance and
Retention Plate.

• Special Fixed Partial Denture-
Full mouth rehabilitation, Smile Designing, All Ceramic , PFM with Loop Connectors, Ovate Pontics, Hemi section, Root resection, 3/4th Crown, Maryland Bridges, Cantilever Bridges , Post & Core.

• Implant Supported Prosthesis
All treatments are offered at subsidized rates.

Special Equipments
Lectra Press Ceramic Furnace for state of art All Ceramic Restorations, Pindex System, Vacuum Mixing Machine, Electro Polisher, Duplicator, Induction Casting Machine, Spot Welder, Steam Cleaner, Spindle Grinder with Vacuum Suction, Electric Wax Carver, Stereo Microscope, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Short Cycle Autoclave
Innovative Practices
The department has started practicing innovative teaching methods like
  • Computer assisted learning program
  • Dental quiz & group discussions as an active teaching method
  • Evaluation of UG students by OSPE Method
  • Power point presentations by the UG students
  • Evaluation of PG students by Mini-CEX
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