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Brief Information About Department

The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology deals with the diagnosis and non-surgical management of Oro- facial diseases and the oral manifestations of systemic disorders, as well as with the maxillofacial imaging.

Theory lectures and practical postings are conducted for the III and IV BDS students.

Post graduation started in the subject from 2009 with the intake capacity of 3 students per year. From 2014 the PG seats have increased to 5 per year

The OPD has increased and the average number of new patients is 180 per day. In the radiology section there are around 80 IOPA’s and 12 extra-oral radiographs per day.


Oral radiology is well equipped with the conventional as well as advanced facilities.

Conventional modes:
1. IOPA radiographic machine
2. Extraoral radiographic machine
3. 100mA radiographic machine

Advanced modes:
1.Digital OPG machine with printer
2. Radiovisuaograpgy (RVG)
3. Sialography.

The OPD has increased and the average numbers of new patients per day are 170. In radiology section there are on an average 75 IOPAs and 10 extraoral radiographs per day.


The department has started practicing innovative teaching methods like:

1. Computer assisted learning program.
2. Dental quiz as an active teaching method.
3. Video demonstration of processing of radiographs.
4. Learning intraoral radiographic landmarks by tracing.
5. Evaluation of UG students by OSCE Method.
6. Evaluation of PG students by DOPS Method.

The Department is working to improve the quality of patient care and student education by doing continuous research on various topics.

Also, the Department is planning to install ‘Cone Beam Computed Tomography’ unit in near future.

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