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NAAC COMMITTEE (Revised on 12/08/2014)
Patron – Dr. Usha Radke, Dean
Chairman - Dr. S. R. Shenoi, Vice-Dean
Co-Chairman – Dr. Abhay Kolte, Professor
1.  Curricular aspects Dr .N J Chandrani Dr. Devan Nagpal
Dr. Chaudhari Purva
Dr. Nupur Ninave
Dr. Gagandeep Lamba
Dr. Deshpande
2 Teaching, Learning and Evaluation Dr. Usha Shenoy
Dr. Mukta Motwani
Dr. Tapasya Karemore
Dr. Apeksha Balpande
Dr. Anuraag Chaudhari
Dr. Ashita Kalaskar
Dr. Nainani
Dr. Pankaj Akhare
Dr, Ananya Hazare
Dr. Sangita Bhattacharya
Dr. Stuti  Bhargava
3 Research , consultancy and extension Dr. Abhay Kolte
Dr. Jaichandra
Dr. R. Kolte
Dr. Rathod
Dr. Kher
Dr. Tony Shori.
Dr. Priya Mehta
Dr. Shrirao
4. Infrastructure and Learning Resources. Dr. S. R. Shenoi Dr. Garg
Dr. V. Kolte
Dr. S. Badjate
Dr. Bang
Dr. Prana
5. Student Support and Progression Dr. Alka Dive Dr. Khandekar
Dr. Suryavanshi
Dr. Bodade
Dr. Moharil
Dr. Dhoble
Dr. A. Sharma
Dr. Dongre
Dr. Sachin Khatri
Dr. Sushil Naik
6. Governance and Leadership Dr. Usha Radke Dr. Pande
Dr. Gundawar
Dr. S. Despande
Dr. Tushar Mowade
Dr. D. Lambade
Dr. Joshi
Dr. Kahar
Dr. Chahande
Dr. Banerjee
Dr. Shweta
7. Innovative Practices Dr. Pratima Shenoi. Dr. Shori
Dr. Kubde
Dr. Makade
Dr. Gunwal
Dr. Pradhan
Dr. Uttarwar
Dr. Mokhade
Dr. Konkane
As a chairman of the NAAC committee of the college, the year began with comprehensive deliberations and discussions on all the 7 criteria of the NAAC accreditation. On April 21st, a full day program was hosted by the VSPM’s Dental College that involved speakers from NKPSIMS. Debate and discussions on the inclusions and exclusions of various criteria that laid the base for framing the report for NAAC were done. Future discussions would be done so as to frame the report.
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