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The Examination and Time table Committee has been formed for the regulation and smooth conduction of Internal Assessment Examination, MHUS Practical Examination, formation of time table for theory classes and clinical posting of undergraduate courses.
Following staff members are the members of this committee
  1. Dr. RajashriKolte , Chair person
  2. Dr. ApekshaBalpande, Co. chair person
  3. Dr. SushilNaik, Member Secretary
  4. Dr. PurvaChaudhary, Member
  5. Dr. AkhilRathi,Member
  6. Dr. ManjushaPradhan,Member
  7. Dr. Anita Kahar,Member
The committee meets biannually at the beginning of the terms that is in May-June and Dec-Jan. to prepare the schedule of theory classes and practical/clinical postings for the student. Meetings are also conducted as and when required.The following guidelines provided by MUHS Nasik and DCI need to be considered at the time of preparation of the time table.
  1. Mandatory theory class hours for each year
  2. Requirements for clinical hours for each year
  3. Within the timetable a window has to be kept for t
  4. he conduction of theory and Practical Internal Assessment Examination
In addition to the above, the committee also supervises the MUHS Nashik theory exams and practical exams with regards to appointment of Centre In charge, Centre Observer, Internal Vigilance Officer and Central AssessmentProgramme (CAP) for theory papers of university exam. The availability of university exams external examiners and if need arises appointment of substitute external examiner is co-ordinated with the internal examiner and MUHS, Nashik.
After the completion of internal assessment examination the complete information of marks obtained in theory and practical exams is submitted to the university. Also the verification of marks with theory and practical exam papers done by the center observer at the time of university theory exam is co- ordinated with the respective departments.
The prominent decision taken in the previous year include
  1. To increase the clinical posting time of Final year second semester student up to 2 pm to fulfil the requirement of the clinical hours as per the DCI guideline
  2. Also to overcome the problem it was decided to start postings of Final year first and second semester students immediately after completion of MUHS examination.
  3. As per the circular of MUHS Nashik only two PCT’s are to be conducted for final year first and second semester students it was decided to conduct first PCT during clinical posting and preliminary examination ( 2nd PCT) after the clinical posting.
  4. Time table for the Medical students from NKPSIMS was prepared for their Dental postings.
  5. As per the MUHS circular regarding misbehaviour with female students during practical examination, we have appointed a female staff as an observer where one or both the examiners are male.
In summation, we the committee provide a yearly blueprint of the teaching and examination activities in our institute.
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