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Center of Excellence
The VSPM Dental College & Research Centre, Nagpur is one of the well-established and premier institute in Central India which caters to the research objectives, educational, training and treatment needs of the population. Dental implants is an emerging treatment modality which is particularly popular in the western countries as a means to replace missing teeth and restoration of the masticatory apparatus. With the increasing awareness amongst the patients there is also an upsurge in patients desiring to get treated with dental implants.
In the present scenario, there is no specialized centre for the Oral Implantology in Central India. So the current demands of the patients have to be taken care of by private practitioners who are not fully equipped and trained in terms of knowledge, expertise and equipments.
Centre of Excellence (COE) – Monitoring and Evaluation Cell
The Centre of Excellence were initiated in the Departments of:
  1. Prosthodontics --- Maxilofacial Prosthesis
  2. Oral Surgery --- Macillofacial Trauma
  3. Endodontics --- Single sitting RCT
  4. Periodontics --- Dental Implants
  5. Orthodontics --- Orthognathic surgery
A promotional booklet was released on 5.2.2016 detailing the various aspects of each of these centers.
A monitoring and evaluation cell was constituted in March 2015 comprising of:
  1. Dr.Mukta Motwani – Professor and Head OMR – Chairperson
  2. Dr.Vrinda Kolte – Co- Chairperson
  3. Dr.Stuti Bhargava --Member
The Committee issued a format to the respective Departments to detail the working of their centers periodically. Targets as per the Gnatt charts in the COE booklet were followed and lacunae and challenges if any were discussed. The committee overviewed the research and publication activities, community outreach and promotional activities, revenue generation and MOU collaboration of all centers.
Summarized highlights of the activities of the centers in 2016:
Activity Details
Promotional Work in community / Camps All Departments
  • Department of Prosthodontics – with RST.
  • Department of Endodontics – With Dr. Vivek Hegde
  • Orthodontics – In Discussion with Dr.S. Peter
Publications Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery , Endodontics and Periodontics
Research Projects Planned and started by Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery , Endodontics and Periodontics
Grants MUHS – LTRG - Prosthodontics
Key notes / RadioTalks / Public Discourses Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery , Endodontics and Periodontics
CDE / Workshops By all Departments --  Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery , Endodontics Periodontics and Orthodontics
Specialized Patient Treatment Started in Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery , Endodontics Periodontics
Conferences Attended All Departments
The main aim is to establish a centre of excellence in Periodontics and Implantology in the VSPM Dental College & Research Centre which will act as a Nodal Centre for Basic and AdvancedImplant Training and Treatment Institute.
Along with this several other objectives are expected to be fulfil such as
1) Obtain a steady flow of patients in the Department and Institute.
2) Train dental graduates into Basic Implantology.
3) Provide research avenues for post graduate students in the Department and Institute.

The vision for establishing Centre of Excellence in Periodontics and Implantology serves dual purposes, first being to train dental graduates into basic implant procedures and fulfilling treatment needs of patients for basic as well as advanced implant procedures. This will enable the VSPM Dental College & Research Centre to act as Nodal Centre for Basic and AdvancedImplant Training and Treatment Institute. Such recognition would be first of its kind in the entire country. The short term objective is to achieve a steady flow of patients on a daily basis in the next three years, which will also act towards revenue generation aspect of the institute. Already, 12 – 15 implants are placed in the department every month which needs to be increased in the next three years to a level of atleast 50-60 patients to be treated for implant placement or any implant related surgery on a monthly basis.

  • Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology
  • Prosthodontics --- Maxilofacial Prosthesis
  • Oral Surgery --- Macillofacial Trauma
  • Endodontics --- Single sitting RCT
  • Periodontics --- Dental Implants
  • Orthodontics --- Orthognathic surgery
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